Dealing with setbacks, disappointments and obstacles in academia

The realities of academic life can sometimes be difficult to navigate. You will encounter setbacks and disappointments on a regular basis. An abstract or article that gets rejected, critical feedback on your papers, disappointing research results or not getting that research grant. On top of that you may- like many of your colleagues- struggle with perfectionism, critical voices in your head and procrastination.



During this programme you will learn how you can navigate these obstacles and the accompanying difficult emotions.


You will learn tools and practices to:

  • skillfully deal with feedback and use it to your advantage
  • skillfully deal with perfectionism and your inner critic
  • skillfully deal with procrastination
  • give yourself first aid in difficult moments (e.g. after a rejection or failure)

With the insights, tools and practices that you will learn during this programme

  • you will be able to get back on your feet more easily after a setback and find renewed motivation
  • you will be more effective in your work because you are less held back by perfectionism, your inner critic or procrastination

Since change doesn’t happen by just more knowledge, you will be asked to reflect,
practice and experiment between the workshops. This will take a maximum of 1 hour per


This 2-month live online programme entails:

  • 4 live online workshops in a small group (maximum of 20 participants). Since we gather online you can join from any place that is convenient to you.
  • The workshops are a combination of theory, reflection and exercises. There will also be space for sharing of experiences and questions and spotlight coaching during the workshops.
  • Support to stay on track between the workshops. You will receive emails with gentle nudges, and reminders to take action, to experiment or to deepen your learning.
  • Worksheets to support your learning during and after the course.

Time investment

  • 4 live online workshop of 1,5 hours
  • A maximum of 1 hour per week for experimenting, practicing and reflecting
Wednesday 17 May 202315.30-17.00
Wednesday 31 May 202315.30-17.00
Wednesday 14 June 202315.30-17.00
Wednesday 5 July 202315.30-17.00



About the trainer
Dr. Samula Mescher is an international coach and trainer for scientists. Samula obtained
her PhD on the topic of work-life balance in 2011 and has worked in academia for 11 years.
In addition, she also brings 15 years of experience in different sectors where she worked as a
management consultant, policy advisor, HR advisor and entrepreneur. She uses this rich
background to help scientists like you with making career choices that bring them energy
& joy and with finding more energy, balance & impact at work.


Want to know more? or find her on social media: LinkedIn,
Instagram or Facebook.






Price: 30,-


Location: Online 


Language: English